About Ar Himaya

Arhimaya is a product of Shristee Animaax. Anybody can make their own augmented reality app with few clicks, drag and drop with ARHIMAYA. You can achieve augmented reality through a simple browsing experience.

Enhance Flyers, Cards, Packaging and all print media with interactive content - photo slide shows, music clips, video messages, 3D images, web and social links.

Interactive 3D augmented reality do wonders in - Education, Engineering, Entertainment, Commercial Fields. To experience interactive 3D augmented reality, ARHIMAYA is the best choice.

Arhimaya is Cloud Based Service Providing Platform for Augumented Reality. Scan Target and Response features like Video, Slideshow, Website, Matchmovie video, 3D content etc... distribute from cloud servers. Nothing is embeded in scan app, so you can do your augumented reality complied printed elements in Anywhere, Anytime, Any Occasion and end user also can scan target elements in Anywhere, Anytime, Any Occasion enjoy the multimedia content.

Open a Website

when enduser scans the target, app opens the given web link in defalt device browser.

Call a Number

when user scans the target, app opence dail pade with given number user can make call.

Play Video

when user scans the target, app opence dail pade with given number user can make call.

Play You tube

when user scans the target, app plays the given YouTube video.

Video Url

when user scans the target, app plays the given video from external url.

Match Move Video

App plays the upload video. The video element match move with real world environment's scan target. Green screen video inculded

3D Content

when user scans the target, interactive 3d content appearand match move with the target.

Video Url

If you setup livestreaming with YouTube, endusers can see the events in live.

Match Move Video

when user scans the target, app plays the given photos one by one like slide-show.

You can fully manage your augumented reality app through arhimaya control panel. Control panel has rich features like scan target wise report, scan user wise report, package details, package usage details and define target.

Through the define target, you can manage your scan targets and response features like video, slideshow, website, match move video, 3D content etc...

User friendly user interface,compatible for Mobile, Tab and laps with OS like windows, andriod and Ios. A simple browsing experience can achieve things faster and perfectly.

ARHIMAYA Packages Designed as for Scalable with your end user's usage.Features and scan limition you can upgrade your package any time.



/3 days

  • 3Target
  • 100Scanning




  • 1Target
  • 1000Scanning




  • 1000Target
  • 60000Scanning




  • 2000Target
  • 120000Scanning




  • 3000Target
  • 240000Scanning




  • 3000Target
  • 240000Scanning

**Costing is subject to change. Its dependent with cloud service cost. Above costing is current month's of calculation.

Costing Elements Unit of measurement Price Retail Basic Pro Ultimate Multiuser Caryforward
Package setup fee Onetime charges 1,000.00 1,500.00 5,500.00 10,500.00 20,500.00 Notuplicable
Target target per month 1 1 1000 2000 3000 3000 Yes
Scaning 1000 / month 66.00 1000 60000 120000 240000 240000 Yes
Open a website per / month 0.00 yes yes yes yes yes Notuplicable
Call a number per / month 0.00 yes yes yes yes yes Notuplicable
Play Youtube per / month 0.00 yes yes yes yes yes Notuplicable
Play Video per 1GB video / month 20.00 1 5 10 20 20 Yes
Target Video per 1GB video / month 20.00 1 5 10 20 20 Yes
Photo Gallery per 1GB video / month 20.00 0 0 5 10 10 Yes
3D per 1GB video / month 20.00 0 0 10 20 20 Yes
Product Gallery per 1GB video / month 20.00 0 0 1 2 2 Yes
GPS Onetime 5,000.00 0 0 1 1 1 Notuplicable
Separate app Onetime 20,000.00 0 0 1 1 1 Notuplicable
Package Cost 1,107.00 6,660.00 41,140.00 55,780.00 65,780.00

Augumented Reality's basic elements and algorithms like feature detection matchmoving tracking etc...natively designed and developed by shristeeanimaax. any industrial application needs, we are ready to customize and integrate with existing systems.

Education Industry

Smart Learning and teching methodology not fulfill without Augumented Reality. Through ARHIMAYA we can acieve stimulated learning and teaching environment, it is make learning process become simplify and less timing consumption. In this way the knowlodge is transformed into sensations, after that serve to learning process.

Publication Industry

In Publishing industry Arhimaya going to change the readers reading behaviour, inculding magazines, Daily News Paper,Novels and any kind of Books.

Other Industry

Engineering,medical, automation, oil and gas, museum, historical places, Gaming and Entertainment

Shristee Animaax Research and Development team keep on moving forward to next level - project "WEB APP ARHIMAYA" is the strong evidence for R&D team movement.

Now we launched ARHIMAYA web app beta version in this web app following features are working right now.

Open a Website Call a NumberPlay Youtube Play Video Video Url Photo Gallery Event Live

What is web App?

web app is a app which is not installed your device for launch the app you have to use your device browser.

For example type in your device "www.s.arhimaya.com" arhimaya app Launched inside your browser. In first launch you have to give permission to access your device resources like Camera,GPS and local folder.

Offline scanning

Once end user get media content like videos, images through scanning it stored in end users device's local data folder next time user can perform offline scanning that particular target and content untill user clear the arhimaya data folder.

Voice Control and Gesture control

Very Soon arhimaya users can Control the app through their voice and hand Gesture Control.

IOT Integration

Shristee animaax Now Devolping a Powerful paltform for IOT integration with Augumented Reality. It going to be make drastick change in industrial, electrical, electronic and communication etc.

Himaya Speck

Himaya Speck is one of the arhimaya Feature Product in open market Himaya product avilable soon.Through the Himaya speck Arhimaya going to do wonders in computing . In Education, Medical and Engineering Field. Through this Arhimaya going to achieve holoporation,virtual 3D Teleporation in Realtime.

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